Sensing and Control for hobbyists and schools- 1- Wire Actuators

The Dallas support chips for 1-Wire / MicroLan are mostly sensors and counters for tabulating inbound data. None-the-less, designers working with 1-Wire can also control actuators.

The first element in their work is the DS2405 addressable switch. With one (or more) of this device on the 1-Wire LAN, the control program can send a "turn it on" message to the outside world. One side of the DS2405 connects to the 1-Wire, the other is connected to external electronics. To those electronics, the DS2405 looks like a switch. Admittedly, it can't be used to switch very much... directly... but there are solutions to that problem. Once you can switch something on and off, it is up to you what sort of actuator you want to switch on and off!

I should just bring a note from a Dallas document to your attention. It says...

"Due to electric safety concerns in controlling high power equipment through the DS9097 COM port adapter with its floating ground.... For real applications.... a different type of MicroLan interface is absolutely required to address the safety issues."

This merely echoes my warnings elsewhere: If you don't know what you're doing, stay away from household electricity and be happy with low voltages and limited currents.

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