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Philosophy of design.... How to make things. Computer programs. Databases. Electronic circuits. The concepts here are important to many of the things I try to help you with in many parts of this site... and, if you'll forgive my pomposity... perhaps even in "Life" generally!

Helpful Hints.... Mostly for new users of PCs, Windows, the internet

Libre Office / Open Office database ("Base") tutorials for novices. This set of tutorials started in 2006. They may help you not waste time, the way I did! Contains links to other Open Office tutorials, too. This database may be free, but it is very good, very capable. You can stop paying Microsoft to use Access. And while you are at it, you are learning to use something you can continue to use when you move to Linux or Mac.

Arduino: Introduction to the incredibly fun little open source microprocessor system.
Arduino tutorials: From beginner to intermediate, in easy steps!
Arduino 'How To's and Projects: Things you'll want to know; things to do.

Getting started, general electronics. Some of the electronics you need for having fun with Arduinos, etc, you can pick up as you go along. You really do need to understand the basics to be able to proceed smoothly, instead of stumbling from confusion to confusion. When you are ready to face that fact, I hope what is on the menu this link takes you to will be helpful.

Connecting things to LANs and the internet: Not for the faint hearted... but if you are ready for a "from the ground up" series of essays on this subject, this is for you. Tells you about, say, putting IP cams online. Webservers... your own, not using a hosting service. Arduino, ESP8266s and other IoT devices. These essays give you the fundamental knowledge, in a carefully planned sequence. It isn't hard, when you follow the sequence... but there are many bits to get right. This essay written after at least 15 years of learning the hard way, and multiple previous attempts.

Sensing and control. Tutorials and FAQ answers for hobbyists or schools.

Lazarus tutorials for novice and intermediate programmers. Lazarus is free and multi-platform, and well worth the time of someone who is serious about learning a bit about programming, or wanting to use a "grown up's" general purpose programming language. It grew out of the proprietary Delphi, and the tutorials from the next link will often apply directly to Lazarus programming as well.
Delphi tutorials for novice and intermediate programmers. Probably my most important contribution to the internet. Delphi programmers are, I admit, an esoteric audience! These tutorials should also inform the Lazarus programmer, please do contact me if you find something in one of them won't also work in Lazarus.
Guide to programming in Pascal... with a link to a suitable free compiler. Graded exercises. (Lazarus and Delphi are Pascal-based.)

Page of links to material for schools or hobbyists interested in weather monitoring, especially via the Dallas / Maxim 1-Wire / MicroLan / iButton.

Introduction to stock market investing- Explanation and thoughts from an experienced amateur.

And, begging your pardon for a little bit of self-indulgence: Tribute to a great teacher and gifted sculptor.
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Celebrating excellence! The first UK Touring production of Billy Elliot, the musical, which followed on from the original, Victoria Palace Theatre production, ended in Hamburg, Germany, 23 July 2017. A souvenir badge was created to mark the occasion. -Details of the badge here.

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