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Please don't bother to offer me SEO deals or webpage design services. I wish you and your enterprise well, but I really am not interested in either. (Or buying much else, for that matter.

Many of the enquires I receive are about helping to make this material more widely available. Perhaps on an intranet, or in a different language. I have a page with my invitation to you, if that is your interest.

Worried about your privacy? Good! You should be! Be careful what you say to strangers. I have a "privacy statement", because there are laws about that. I'm not sure what good they do (see statement)... but it is there, if you want to read it.

I'm usually pleased to hear from readers. My eddress is:

My email address as a graphic

That's a graphic; copy/paste won't work for filling in the "To" box for an email to me. Copy it "by hand". (Don't post your eddress online in machine-readable form unless you want spam.)

Please feel free to addrss me as "Tom"... While I appreciate the formality sometimes observed by those who havve in the past used "Mr.Boyd", the interenet has worn me out, and I give up, on that. I hope you will understand if when Ireply I use whatever form of your name you used in your valediction.

If I get your email, I will usually reply at least "Got It" within 36 hours. Don't hesitate to "pester" me by re-sending things.

I offer much more extensive "contact me" notes in my "Contact me" page at this site's sister site.

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