Alphanumeric Displays

There are several good devices on the market for providing a microcontroller with an alphanumeric display.

In general you buy what you want in two parts....

a) A controller
b) An LCD panel to be driven by the controller.

I'll try to build up this page for you in due course. For the moment it is mainly here as a link through to some instructions that I've created for you, giving the details of assembling the controller sold as a full lit of parts MINUS LCD PANEL(2/08) for $8 by ModernDevice (singular. Modern DeviceS is a different company.)

That controller can operate a cheap ($12) panel... 16 columns, 2 rows... or you can spend more for more... $24 for 20 columns, 4 rows... and a nice blue backlight, I think. The other one may have a backlight too.

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